Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Arabele Noble's Potato Rolls (Those wonderful Friday rolls)

This is the recipe my mom used. (I use a Bosch mixer)

2 cups milk
2 cups potato water (with a little mashed potato in it)
2 teaspoon salt
1 cube of butter
1 cup sugar

Add all ingredients together, heat until butter is melted.
When the mixture is cool, add enough flour to make a thin batter.
Then add 6 beaten eggs.
2 Tablespoons yeast (3 if you are in a hurry).
Let the dough rest for 10 minutes.

Then add enough flour to make dough just right (about 9 1/4 c. total?)
Let rise till double.  Roll out about 3/8 inch thick.  Cut into circles. Brush with melted butter and mark center fold line with a knife but be careful not to cut through. Fold and seal edge with a fork.  Place in 11x17 cookie sheet 9 rows of 4 works.  Makes 7 dozen rolls.

Heat oven to 400 then turn down to 375 and bake for 15 minutes.
(Try 350 for 20 minutes)  Brush with butter after baking.


Jennifer said...

I'm gonna have to make these... soon :)

Anonymous said...

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